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Solera ® Glass is a translucent composite glazing system designed to deliver superior daylighted spaces.
Diffusion veils
Solera L is the entry point of the range with light diffusing veils that deliver superior light diffusion to eliminate glare and excessive thermal variance by lifting a significant portion of the light up from the floor and distributing it evenly throughout the space.

Insolcore ®
Solera S has light diffusing veils and a transparent honeycomb core, Insolcore ®, which disrupts the convection cycle of heat transfer to give enhanced thermal insulation without sacrificing light transmittance.  
Solera T is the same composite makeup as Solera S but has an offset to fit standard curtain wall systems.

Insolcore with
Lumira ® Aerogel
Solera S + Lumira ® Aerogel has the addition of stabilized aerogel in the Insolcore to give greater thermal performance, similar to a traditional wall, as well as a reduction in sound transmittance.
Solera T + Lumira Aerogel has an offset to fit standard curtain wall systems.

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