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Daylighting is a powerful design element and proper execution can result in sustainable and energy efficient buildings.
Full spectrum diffused light enhances the visual and psychological experience of the building's occupants, but vision glass alone will not achieve this.  Vision glass allows direct sunlight to travel straight through and strike the floor directly, the light is absorbed and radiates heat which gives rise to glare, thermal discomfort, poor light penetration and increased solar heat gain.  Solera ® Glass uses wide angle diffusing translucent veils to lift a significant proportion of the light up from the floor distributing it evenly throughout the space.  The product line of Solera Glass can be configured to allow control of light diffusion and transmittance, solar gain, thermal insulation, sound transmittance, aesthetics and safety.  Solera Glass will sit alongside vision glass to give the optimal configuration for your project and is designed to fit into standard frames for curtain wall, storefront, window and skylight systems.
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